Our History

Originally known as Special Art in Special Places, Bobbie Werblud Moore began her tours with John Moore in 1978, both taught at The New School. Her love of art and art history transcended generations and allowed for Bobbie and John to share their knowledge of art history. In 2004, Jo Wood Brown joined Bobbie in giving tours throughout New York City. Under the dual name Special Art in Special Places and A Day in Art, Bobbie and Jo would work together until her retirement in 2014. Bobbie passed away in fall of October 2017. 

Jo Wood-Brown, a visual art and art lecturer, joined Bobbie after starting Artist Exchange International, a platform that hosted studio visits of artists around New York City and led way for international dialogue on art practices with artists and creative minds alike. Her knowledge stems from her training as an artist, her work as an archaeological illustrator for Metropolitan Museum of Art, and her insightful remarks about art making and its potential. 

In 2016, Alyssa Rose Johnson joined A Day in Art. After three years of providing guided experiences at MoMA PS1, Alyssa brings a fresh look on contemporary art with a focus in post-modern art and living artists.